Company Introduction

“We will become a business partner that grows together. ”

Greeting of Chairman

We will be hope in life that delivers new values to customers.

하루하루가다르게 변해가는 경영 환경은,잠깐의 안주도 허락되지 않는 치열한 전쟁과 같습니다. 대원CTS는 88년 창업 이후 불투명한 미래 속에서도 쉬지않고 변화와 혁신을 거듭하여,급변하는 IT업계를 대표하는 종합 유통 기업으로 자리잡게 되었습니다.

Chung Myung-Chun, Chairman of DAEWON CTS CO., LTD.

Daewon Group will do its best in each and every moment with passion and effort for a better future.

Thank you for visiting our website.
This is Jeong Myung-Cheon, chairman of Daewon Group.

Daewon Group, since its inception in 1988, has been a leading distributor of domestic IT products through exclusive
distribution agreements with domestic and overseas IT manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and HP, and has been constantly
changing and innovating to achieve continuous growth in a rapidly changing IT environment.

From 2013, we not only established the direction of the company by setting the company's values and vision, but also built an
efficient and specialized operating system through the development of our own platform (Computer Korea),
our own ERP system (Do Dream), CRM, and so on.

In addition, we got a ‘work method’ of so-called OKR into our company and shaped the spirit of bold challenge as a
corporate culture, hardening the company’s value as a distributor.

Like the company’s vision, Daewon Group would now like to transform into a company where ‘all stakeholders such as
employees, partners, customers, and community are happy'.

We will manufacture our own PCs and servers in our existing IT distribution business through the establishment of a
technology research institute, and moreover expand into Computer & Total Solution group which supports IT infrastructure
consulting and buildup suitable for customer’s needs and environments through virtualization systems and AI technologies.

Daewon Group’s continued growth and heading for the future are attributed to strong trust of our partners and customers.
All employees of Daewon will also create a virtuous cycle of co-prosperity which helps success of the companies and people.

We won’t forget that the company should grow in line with partners and customers. Also, to make the dream come true,
members of Daewon Group will constantly learn, be bold to challenge, and respond to the rapidly-changing market
from experiences and knowledge.

We can do better today and have a brighter tomorrow.

Daewon Group will do its best in each and every moment with passion and effort for a better future.

Thank you.


  • CEO : Alex Ha, Sang-Ho Lee, Bo-Kyeong Kim
  • Address : 2F,Najin B.D, 109, Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu,
    Seoul, KOREA