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IT Infrastructure Buildup

We provide the best consulting service that meets the customer's environment and needs for the IT infrastructure buildup, such as a company's computer room, and realize the buildup. Consultants composed of IT infrastructure buildup specialists and server and network engineers provide overall services for optimal IT infrastructure design, buildup, and operation by reflecting customer’s needs and requirements.

We diagnose the customer's infrastructure configuration and provide consulting for optimal performance. We further provide more reliable and efficient services through support of professional consulting engineers who can diagnose and optimally configure servers, networks, and storage suitable for working and database environments.

Server virtualization, desktop virtualization, network, security solutions, AI, big data-based HPC cluster buildup, IT maintenance, data migration and so on are prepared.

Cases of IT Infrastructure Buildup

As shown in the figure below, we have built a private cloud environment based on server virtualization, and this has allowed us to build a system for efficient operation and strong network security on the internal and external services.

네트워크 체계도

Buildup of Server Virtualization

It provides server performance analysis and capacity plan applied to the customer's main business system, and provides services that can design and implement policies and operating methods to improve productivity and reduce operating costs to maintain server availability.

The following benefits through server virtualization can be realized.

  • Increase of
    server usability
  • Reduction of
    operating costs
  • Elimination of
    server complexity
  • Improvement in the
    application performance
  • Distribution of
    far faster workload

It further builds a private cloud environment through VMware vCenter server.

프라이빗 클라우드 환경도 프라이빗 클라우드 환경도

Buildup of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI provides a security-enhanced digital workspace that can reduce office IT costs, facilitate remote work such as working from home, and protect enterprise data.

VDI is an acronym for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, which provides the desktop virtualization through software and provides a user environment on a centralized server. It enables to support a more reliable, more secure, and better end-user experience.

With no restrictions on time and place, the user's computing environment is provided in conference rooms, other business premises, or overseas business trips as it is, which improves work efficiency and centrally manages work across the board. It, therefore, is a service that provides generalized convenience and security to defend a system against viruses and malicious codes.

VDI 구축도

Buildup of Data Center

We provide professional engineer consulting for the buildup of enterprise data center such as Edge Mobile Data Center. The best data center as well as low-cost hardware through an infrastructure configuration suitable for customer’s needs can be built.

Application Scope
  • Cloud
  • Communication common carrier
    Edge computing
  • edge computing
  • Content delivery network
  • Flexible, expandable,
    and fast distribution
  • Reliable system integration
  • More enhanced efficiency
    of energy
  • Ease of management
    through sophisticated management
    and monitoring solutions
edge mobile data center

Inquiry for Consulting and Buildup

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